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GTA mods are the funniest. 

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Black Excellence. 

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already miss coachella even though this bandana is hiding one snotty-ass nose. photo by james k lowe

Finger-picking god

Kid Cudi for Fat Man Magazine
Kid Cudi introduces FAT MAN MAGAZINE, an exciting new international launch that follows the internationally successful FAT MAGAZINE. F stands for Fashion, A for Ass and T for Toys. FAT MAN seeks to challenge all 3 subjects in a creative, fun and provocative way. FAT MAN aims to appeal to the basic needs in any man’s life. Every issue will include men’s fashion, beautiful women and inspiration for toys and gadgets; all of which feature in the lives of today’s modern, urban male. FAT MAN will feature internationally acclaimed creative contributors who offer new, modern and inspiring visions and quirky takes on our everyday lives.


when you go to Besaid after getting the airship and find Dark Valefor


and then you completely obliterate it. because I killed it in a matter of 3 turns. 

the sphere grid struggle is real and supah tedious.

damn you dark aeons and penance.